Refurb Continues

Work finished this week on the refurbishment of the T-33, on display in honor of General Russ Dougherty of Glasgow, Commander of the Strategic Air Command. aircraftrepairThe Mobile Maintenance Shelter was moved to the F-4, known as Phantom 550, the exact plane flown by General Dan Cherry in the Vietnam War when he shot down a MiG-21 flown by Nguyễn Hồng Mỹ.

All of this work could not have been accomplished without the community partners and volunteers who continue to work on this project. Special thanks go out to Jerry Cantrell and team from Continental Machinery (for providing the steel plates), and J. David Fields and team from Western Crane. These guys have their “stuff” together. Thanks also to Tanker, SAR, Barrett Barnes, Mach Yowell, Rooster and Air Boss for making the move go smooth.

We have great volunteers at the park who help with the refurb project. But, we need more. If you need a hobby project and have some spare time, please call Gerry (270) 618-0226 to inquire.

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