Huey ETA Monday, May 8

Three Aviation Heritage Park directors are headed to the Boneyard this week to prepare the UH-1 for its trip to Bowling Green. Gerald Roark, Ray Buckberry and Arnie Franklin will attempt to partially disassemble the rotary drive assembly on the Huey. A problem the AHP board and Jerry Cantrell of Continental Machinery have encountered is the height restrictions along the most direct route to Bowling Green.

If all goes well and the shortest route can be travelled, AHP plans to bring the UH-1 down Nashville and Scottsville Roads during the day on Monday, May 8. It will be brought to the airport where the public is invited to view the Huey.

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There will be a booth at the Huey where people may purchase tickets for this year’s Hangar Party, June 17 at the airport. The party ticket is all inclusive featuring a meal, beverages, the Huey, flyovers, static displays, a concert by CMA artist Aaron Tippen and dancing to the tunes of Bueler’s Day Off.

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