Huey ETA Monday, May 8, 10 AM- BG Airport

The Huey is on its way to BG, thanks to the expert guidance of these AHP board members- Ray Buckberry (SAR), Arnie Franklin (Rooster), and Gerald Roark (Tanker). After a day of work on the Huey, the rear horizontal stabilizer was swapped and drive shaft disassembly was successfully lowered for transport. Thanks to Continental Machinery and Jerry Cantrell for a successful load. Both the Huey and the AHP contingency spent the night in El Paso and will continue the journey today.

At 10 am Monday, May 8, the Huey will begin a route through BG Monday morning starting on Nashville Road, cross over Campbell Lane and progress up Scottsville Road. The UH-1 will be brought into the BG/WC Regional Airport. The public is invited to come take a look.

Hangar Party tickets and sponsorships will be available at the airport. Buy them onsite or they are available now by clicking this link. They will also be available at local stores June 1.

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