Funding Campaign for Restore BG Seeks Local VN Vet and Area Support

For several years, AHP has sought a Huey to symbolize the courage of the warriors who served in Vietnam. Recently the park has received official word from movieopenwebsitethe National Museum of the Air Force that the request has been confirmed. The process to retrieve, demilitarize and release the helicopter can be a tedious process leaving the park unsure on its expected arrival. It’s the military.

The mission of Aviation Heritage Park is to assure that military heroes’ stories are never forgotten. With your financial support, the BG Huey will display in AHP as that symbol of the warriors of Vietnam. The park will use it to tell the story of Huey pilot and Distinguished Service Cross recipient, Ray Nutter.

Our budget for this project is $15,000. That includes transportation of the helicopter from the Boneyard in Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, parts, extensive repairs, complete rebuild of the interior, and paint.

So, can you give us a hand? Please click this link and go to our GoFundMe page now to make any size donation you wish. Your contribution is appreciated.

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