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Huey Gets Its Wings

A large group of faithful volunteers have moved the UH-1 currently under restoration one step closer to completion. Big shout out to Trimble’s Service Center of Adairville for bringing the truck with the hoist used to attach the rotors on the Huey. Next step is a paint job in Army colors followed by decals representing the aircraft that Col. Ray Nutter flew on his DSC mission.

RIP LCDR Richard “Brad” Bradberry

AHP has lost a good friend. LCDR Richard “Brad” Bradberry USN (RET) passed away Wednesday, March 28 in New Mexico. Brad came to AHP while we were researching the history of Johnny Magda, and provided the insight that only a fighter pilot who flew F9F Panthers could have. LCDR Bradberry was flying on Magda’s wing when Magda was shot down by ground fire during combat in Korea, staying with him until the end.

Brad had a long and distinguished Naval career, and later was a Lear Jet delivery pilot. He spoke 5 languages, and was one of the best story tellers in AHP. He joined the AHP entourage each year on the annual pilgrimage to AirVenture in Oshkosh, until 2016.

He’s now back on “Johnny’s wing”. He told us time and again that it was like dancing.

Summer Camp

Each summer, the Aviation Museum of Kentucky offers Aviation Summer Camps at airports around the state. In 2018, one camp will be offered at the Bowling Green airport. The Aviation Heritage Park Camp will be held July 10-11. The camp costs $269 per child, lasts two days from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM and is offered to children aged 10-16.

Students will learn the ins and outs of aviation, from weather and navigation to the parts of an airplane. Students will also have the opportunity to assist an FAA Certified Flight Instructor in a cross-country flight in a Cessna 172. Click the flyer graphic for more details. There will be approximately 25 spots open for each camp this year. Click this LINK for the camp application/waiver. There are limited opportunities for need based scholarships. Scholarship Application

New Museum for Aviation Heritage Park

Aviation Heritage Park has launched plans to build a museum to accompany the aircraft on display at AHP located on the corner of Three Springs Road and Smallhouse in Bowling Green, KY. This museum will display airplanes and artifacts in honor of regional aviation pioneers. Sean Baute from WBKO reports on the $150,000 grant awarded by the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Hometown Hero- Gerald Roark

WBKO and Hughes & Coleman’s Hometown hero is Aviation Heritage Park board member and chair of the restoration committee, Gerald Roark.

Huey Restoration Update

It was a cold day on December 16 but we had a few guys stop by to take a look at #160, and share some pictures from Vietnam. Restoration activities will cease until after the first of the year. Everybody is busy so we won’t be doing any work until 2018.  The crew also needs to run down some parts.

During the rest of December we will try to make #160 accessible if you have family or friends that you want to take to see the Huey and maybe share some of your experiences.  If you want us to open the restoration facility for a visit during December, just give Ray Buckberry a call at 270-202-0508 and he will do his best to make it happen.

Season’s Greetings to all and, as always, your help is very much appreciated.


Huey Restoration Begins

Aviation Heritage Park has started to restore the recently acquired UH-1 Huey on loan from the Air Force for display in the park. The Huey will honor regional Vietnam veterans and tell the heroic story of Col. Raymond Nutter. Many area businesses and supporters have  provided a helping hand with donations and gifts of volunteerism.  After the acquisition of the artifact, Continental Machinery Movers brought the Huey from the Boneyard in Tucson to Bowling Green. The Huey went on temporary display at the Bowling Green- Warren County Regional Airport. It was recently “media” blasted by Southern Kentucky Blasting to remove the paint and then towed to the park by Felts Truck Repair and Towing.

Currently, the bird is being cleaned and made ready for painting by the all volunteer AHP Restoration team  in the Gerald Roark Restoration Facility at the park.

View from the Hill

Aviation Heritage Park currently has five aircraft displayed in the park and will soon add a sixth, the Huey displayed at Hangar Party 2017. Each of these artifacts tells the story of a hero pilot. So far, all of these pilots are WKU graduates. And, the Huey is no different.